Call us crazy, but we’re doing it. Our goal is to produce two feature films at once!  That means we're producing two different movies from one script, one budget and one production. Both movies are very similar in story structure and character development, but have a different thematic elements. The process involves shooting additional scenes for the second movie. 


AXES AND OS - horror / action / sci-fi


Four females on a weekend getaway are hunted by a legendary ax murderer, until the hunter becomes the prey when one female turns out to be something otherworldly.

VALENTINES LAKE - thriller / suspense / sci-fi


Four females on a weekend getaway are pursued by a local cult as they attempt to escape before succumbing to the sacrificial fate of the town’s ancient marine creature.


Actor: Jamie Bernadette

Character: Abby

Jamie Bernadette has established herself in the film and television industry with over 100 credits to her name. She has become an icon in the horror genre after leading numerous horror films that garnered her much recognition and a large fan base. Among them is "I Spit on Your Grave: Déjà Vu", the fifth film in the popular franchise. 


Actor: Cass Huckabay

Character: Leah

Cass Huckabay is a rising star in the film industry. Her most recent projects include "Colonials", starring Daniel Roebuck (Getting Grace), Sean Kanan ('The Karate Kid' & 'Cobra Kai') and Greg Kriek ('Black Mirror' & 'Die Hart 2'); Lifetime movies like "College Professor Obsession" and "Nightmare Pageant Moms"; and feature film "Metamorphosis", starring as the leading role. 


Actor: Madison M. Bowman

Character: Olivia

Madison M. Bowman got her start in entertaining at the young age of 5 beginning in on stage theatrical performances. While in high school, Madison has had leading and supporting roles in numerous films, music videos, and commercials. 

Madison is also an accomplished screenwriter and director. Winning awards for her films How to be the Perfect Boyfriend and IT Whispers


Actor: Sara Wimmer

Character: Dawn
Sara is thrilled to join the Axes and O’s team as a principle role! She is an established AEA theatre actress who has been breaking into the TV/Film industry more and more. Recent credits include the leading role, Emily Ferretti in Entitled (tv pilot), Mary Beth in Charles Sloan (feature film), and leading role Sarah Byrne in Salem High (tv pilot). 


Actor: Brandon Krum

Character: Luther Dremel

Brandon is best known for his collaboration with the Director of Jason Goes To Hell, Adam Marcus, on the Friday the 13th documentary Hearts of Darkness: The Making of the Final Friday, his acting roles in the '70s set film Strix, the 80's inspired horror film Massacre Academy, and for Producing such feature films as Mistletoe Massacre and the UK production titled Nest of Vampires.






Trent Duncan - Writer / Director / Producer
The 2 Feature Project was written and developed by filmmaker Trent Duncan, who is most notably known for his Epic Horror Battles on YouTube. With over 256,000 subscribers and over 70 million views on his channel, Trent's horror battles feature the best of all your favorite old-school horror characters. Trent’s experience integrating multiple productions into one and shooting action horror films, give him the skill set to pull off a 2 feature production and make it look great! 

Joseph O'Connor - Director / Producer
As an Actor and Producer, Joe has immersed himself in a variety of short and feature length productions. Joe's skill set involves "making it happen", which is of vast importance on any film set. Joe will also be helping to co-direct the films.

Danielle J. Bowman - Producer
Award winning SAG-E Actress who also regularly works the other side of the camera and has been a part of over 60 films, series and commercials. Danielle is known for running a highly organized and efficient production. The task of shooting two films at once requires someone of her skill set.